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How spend new year 2014 in Paris

1) spend new year 2014 in Paris

must be a wonderful thing, there is much to see and do we describe some places where to spend new year in Paris.

The most beautiful places to visit are countless and important museums such as the Louvre, of course and the Musée d ' Orasy, the Temple of impressionism.

File:Spend new year's Eve 2014 in Paris.jpg

2) main neighborhoods to visit are:

Saint-Germain-des-Prés, the most elegant area of Paris, typical cafes and shops very beautiful. In the vicinity you can go to visit thethe splendid Gothic Cathedral of Notre-Dame with its long-Seine and the Latin quarter, very characteristic.

Also the area of Grand Boulevards is worth a visit, with department stores such as Galeries LaFayette and Printemps.

Place Vendôme, Rue de Rivoli and Rue de la Paix, Avenue Montaigne, are the names of many famous streets where you will find the most elegant shops of the world, and luxury restaurants.

Don't miss the Place de la Concorde, where it ends the large artery known as the Champs-Elysées.

The area of Invalides, with our beloved Eiffel Tower a magical and unforgettable new year at ristorante al 1° floor of Eiffel Tower wouldn't hurt as an idea! The evening will begin with a meal expertly prepared by the chef of the restaurant. And at midnight we will cheer the new year from the most famous monument in the world!

celebrate new year 2014 in Montmartre with landscape at night from piazza del Sacro Cuore is absolutely spectacular. Also from here you can reach many places continue to celebrate the advent of the new year. If you direct the steps towards la Ville Lumiere, here you will find a classic dinner complete with a cabaret show to further beautify the evening.

Parisian taxis are cheap enough you can use without problems. Even the Metrô is a good alternative: the stations are decent and always very efficient. You can purchase directly at the stations a card that gives you unlimited use of the entire network for a specified number of days.

4) Advice on the morning of new year in Paris 2014

If you can the next morning breakfast in an elegant pastry as Durèe on Rue Royale, or Angelina in Rue de Rivoli is a fantastic thing to eat.

5) Champs Elisees:

and the beginning of festivities begins on the afternoon of 31 December, with lots of dancing and music. Everything to arrive until midnight, when the traditional Fireworks, capable of illuminating a day the sky of Paris.

There are many travel proposals in this direction: aboard boats can dine, dance and listen to good music until dawn. Even the most famous restaurants in Paris are not sure to watch and offer special evenings for new year 2014: the Paradis Latin also offers a dinner cabaret, the Moulin Rouge as usual the spectacle of can-can (but without Ewan McGregor), Folies Bergères there will be indulged Sherazade, while the more moneyed will travel to exclusive restaurants and historic sites such as EiffelVita and even Tour 58 La Bouteille

7) Paris offers many alternatives for visitors:

Those who decide to celebrate the arrival of the new year. It is only to choose the event involved more suited to our tastes, our requirements and, in times of economic crisis, also for our pockets.

how to travel well low-cost airlines

Low-fare airline, an airline that offers flights at lower prices than traditional airlines. From an economic point of view, the most important aspect of how to travel well low-cost airlines consists precisely in their capacity to provide air transport service cheaper than traditional airlines and thus more competitive on the market.

800px-Airbus_A380 (FILEminimizer)
This leadership role is obtained by applying corporate policy aimed primarily at maximising profit, mainly obtained through savings and business strategies. Conceptually, this type of Administration was born in the United States in 1971 and in 1990, as a result of deregulation has spread in Europe.

In Europe the growth of passengers who are served by low cost airlines has been exponential. In 1994 about 3 million passengers flew at cheap prices and passengers in 1999 were well 17.5 million. But the boom happens in the third millennium, suffice it to say that with a single airline famous for low-cost travel in 2009 have flown 65 million people and more than 72 million in 2010, with growth for the company, by more than 10% from one year to the next.

To find a good offer on intercontinental flights to devote time to satisfy their curiosity and their passions is a choice that will always pay.

Among the preferred destinations for those who want to spend a few days of weekend in one of the European capitals, this year the favorite destinations are:

These cities have always, over the years, a position of primary importance in the choice of holidays, thanks mainly to the large amount of low cost flights to spend at an affordable price. The average expenditure for a round-trip flight from Italy is 150 euros.

For Christmas this time or for the summer holidays, a low-fare airline, but it offers good opportunities for accommodation and service spaces from employees is a good thing. To assess the appropriateness of a flight, before you buy you should compare rates, schedules, airports used and cost to achieve them, services available, any extras and contain costs.

Places to visit in Paris there are many.

It was September and finally it was time to leave for Paris

Our holiday is meant to do a week. Places to visit in Paris there are many. Given that we had little time to visit this wonderful city we informed about the means of locomotion more hasty to visit Paris and the Metropolitan is undoubtedly the most appropriate medium.

We booked a hotel in the beautiful of Montmartre Parisian district to visit without a doubt.

The trip was made by train, ensuring our luggage "given the times" this is travel insurance that Trenitalia proposed in collaboration with a well-known Italian insurance company, which may be required in conjunction with the purchase of a ticket to any of the Red Arrow, Arrow trains silver and white arrow proposed in promotion, you can stipulate the policy within 24 hours after purchase rail ticket.

We set off from our city in the evening and we arrived in Paris at 10.30 in the morning called a taxi and to the hotel in Montmartre.

Hotel room comfortable myths claims for two people but with an incredibly abundant breakfast with famous croissants of Paris.

Finished eating to the various places to visit in Paris that as repeated earlier there are many.

In fact, we have prepared a brief Exposition where we were in this short guide.
It was introduced a link that talks about the Loire castles that we visited during the week when we were in Paris is missing only the Latin quarter that shortly we will post.

The articles below are written in Italian but in the blog there is a very good language translator for websites.
  • Where we were:
  • Places to visit in Paris there are many. The underground is the cheapest way to get to know and visit the Museum of the Louvre, has 15 lines that connect various points ...
  • Places to visit in Paris Spend a weekend in Paris is a great opportunity to get in contact with art, culture and entertainment. Surely two ...
  • Visit in Paris Montmartre was a quiet village rich in vineyards and windmills. Montmartre was long a village ...
  • Today our Tour to tell is that made in the Loire Valley and its castles, the largest region of France ...

Places to visit in Paris there are many.Royal residence and seat of Government during the last period of the French monarchy, the Palace Versailles Chàteau of the Kings of France. The Sun King preferred to live for a few moments of his life away from Paris, especially after the revolts of the Fronde that had marked his childhood. Chambord ...


How to travel well organized

How to travel well organized: tourism experts usually advise to visit destinations and the best accommodation to sleep in guesthouses, hotels or bed and breakfast in order to make its clients the most comfortable and safe vacation with the feeling of a relaxed travel experience and often to fit themselves as travelers. 

How to travel well organized

In some tourist packages often traveler feels at home with the flavors of the best local gastronomic recipes and entertained by qualified animators, talking our language tour to entertain guests by involving them cheerfully in dances or group games. The range of vacation packages is really wide: trips for all tastes from total freedom to choose according to their own preferences to stay who see it as the most beautiful beaches where sunbathing relaxing under an  tree in the middle of pristine nature.

How to travel well organized

 Or visit the beautiful city with monuments to visit and photograph and in the evening dine in restaurants or going to dance in discos. The best tour operators are the most popular ones that have an interest in not being disappointed by the customer to use their experience and organizational capacity to give high-level experience to all those who buy their holidays in the most popular destinations in the world.

How to travel well organized

How to travel well so organized: you can live a full vacation, where your only worry will be that of fun and relax without thoughts. The main tour operators take account of potential tourists belonging to every age group and are easily visible in their details via the official sites where describes all the features and services offered.

Hotel Bed and Breakfast in Italy

Hotel Bed and Breakfast in Italy: there are many hotels and Bed and Breakfast in Italy in cities such as Bologna, Genoa, Florence, Mantova, Ravenna, Rome, Naples, Padua, Pisa, Turin and Trieste, and many others. Security is a prerogative for the traveler who wants to spend a few days holiday in Italy.

Hotel Bed and Breakfast in Italy

The online booking is undoubtedly the fastest, but you have to be very careful to make sure you find the best rate guaranteed for a hotel or Bed and Breakfast in Italy. Precautions should be taken to find all the comforts such as free wireless, express check-in/check-out by staff receptionist, a rich and hearty breakfast. 

File:Map of Italy-it-2.svg

Check also the proximity to any media or stations public link to visit the destination chosen and especially check the toilet in room or a kitchenette. All this is possible by choosing among the many opportunity between hotels, Bed and Breakfast, apartments, looking for the best deals and the most competitive prices and any promotions and special offers. In addition it is essential to contact a travel expert who speaks your language, if you book by phone or online.

What to see on Lake Garda

What to see on Lake Garda, embraced by three Italian regions: Lombardy (province of Brescia), Veneto (province of Verona) and Trentino-Alto Adige (Trento province), is located in one of the most beautiful landscapes of Italy, surrounded by beautiful villages and hamlets all to visit and centuries of history have passed on its shores. There are many things to see. A holiday on the shores of Lake Garda is able to satisfy the most varied needs, if you love the relaxation, history and fun.

File:Panoramic view from Monte Baldo on Lake Garda.JPG

Historical attractions

Lake Garda was known since Roman times for its thermal waters renowned indeed on its shores many plebeians patricians were at various times of the year. There are many Roman remains along the banks of Lake Garda, between the most famous Grotte di Catullo.
But the Lake has been known and popular even in modern times: suffice it to say that the Italian poet Gabriele D'Annunzio, he built the Vittoriale degli italiani, right near Gardone Riviera. And these two major historical attractions are also added numerous castles that rise in the mountains around the Lake.

File:Lake Garda Grotte di Catullo 1.jpg

The Islands

The surface of the Lake is dotted with many small islands: the largest island, with a Venetian Gothic building dating from the 19th century. the island of San Biagio, dry periods that is also within walking distance. Finally there are three islands on the outskirts of Malcesine, which is the island of olive trees, the island of dreams and the island of Trimellone.

File:Isola punta san fermo.jpg

The landscape

The first thing to see on Lake Garda is the landscape. The most spectacular stroke is undoubtedly to the North where the Lake is wedged in the Alps, surrounded by snow capped mountains is wonderful. To the South lies on the pianura Padana and here you can see the beautiful green countryside of the pianura padana. Other must-see landscape are the hills of the Lake Garda.

File:Colline moreniche del Lago Garda.JPG

Villages and towns

Most towns have sprung up along the banks of the Lake, perched on the slopes of the mountains. But precisely for this reason, these villages are even more fascinating to behold. Sirmione is perhaps the most famous city, a part of the village is on a peninsula jutting into the Lake. 


Riva del Garda, then, combines the beauty of the landscape with several monuments of great historical importance. Desenzano is usually a privileged destination for all those who want to enjoy hiking brescianadel Lake on Earth.