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A 'major cities Urbino

A 'major cities recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site isUrbino located about 450 meters above sea level is located in the Marche region in Italy. In the fifteenth century, under the Montefeltro (born nobles of the city by the dynasty of the Counts of Carpegna) reached its maximum splendor. Artists come from all over Italy began to work with great commitment and talent made ​​of Urbinoimportant center of humanism.'s historic center is the part that is most recognized in this light, and the walls that surround the palace complex ducal residence of the Dukes of Urbino, one of the most important and wonderful work of building architectural and urban renaissance italiano.Una massive and imposing structure created by the will of Count Antonio di Montefeltro, and subsequently enriched by his heirs with other interventions in masonry 'arc of anni.Dal yard, you have access to the rooms where you can admire the beauty of the ornaments and frescoes that are there. The palace houses the Galleria Nazionale delle Marche. Another architectural work of some interest is the cathedral, built in the nineteenth century after its predecessor was destroyed by terremoto.Da not miss a visit to the former monastery of Santa Chiara. The famous house of Raffaello, where sculptures and paintings of all kinds and a Madonna with the Holy Child in the room where it is believed he was born, the artist adorn this house where he was born one of the most famous Italian artists. 
One of the peculiarities of the city of Urbino is the Renaissance Square where an obelisk coming from Egypt was built by Cardinal Annibale Albani in 1737 is arranged in four overlapping blocks with a cross on the end.  A 'major cities like Urbino,  not to be missed on a trip or visit that you in the region of Marche Italy.