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Dolomite limestone walls white and pink with beautiful green lawns.


From my point of view, the Dolomites are perhaps the most underrated mountain range in Europe. Despite their proximity to Venice, crowded with tourists, almost all year round. It 'a shame that these limestone walls white and pink with beautiful green lawns . Three thousand thousand meters of cliffs attract hard-core mountaineers, hikers and energy run through an extensive network of footpaths  wonderful walk served by a system of shelters and huts at night that are really delicious as small basic hotel, with the food, wine, heat, lights, bunk beds, and sometimes even private rooms.The shelters allow a hiker taking with him only a modest luggage to stay on the trail for days or even weeks at a time, a luxury outdoor impossible in other parts of the world. The local culture in the Dolomites is more Germanic Swiss chalet-style Mercedes, taxis, lederhosen, sauerkraut, as well as Italian cuisine. 

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The Dolomites were part of Austria have for centuries, but after the first world war, the border was moved north to its current location. The Italian government at first tried to eradicate all traces of German culture, but now the Italian and German traditions and language and are living side by side in a friendly apartheid, in the countries of the Dolomites many people have double names A number of hotels offer excursions to the Italian Dolomites . Normally, ranging from 6 to 12 days. The cost depends mainly from the accommodation, excursions cheaper rely on shelters , while the more expensive ones are the full-service hotel resorts and hotels. It 'also very easy to walk independently and have a resort hotel and / or shelters , except in August, when every vacation spot in Europe is beset by many tourists and accommodations are hard to find in a short time. The paths Dolomites are crowded and, in fact, we'd advise you to skip the entire month of August. The prices in the resort hotel Dolomites and pensions range from Euro 30 to Euro 60 per person per night for a double room. Rely on other 15 25 Euro per day for food. 
's shelters shall normally apply at 10 Euro per night for dormitory bunks. These shelters  have small private rooms with cold running water and a bathroom down the hall. Unfortunately, the staple food in the refuge is relatively expensive because it must be packed and taken by helicopter, and can cost 20 25 Euro daily for breakfast and dinner, including wine. Reservations are necessary only in the month of August.